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Dr. Lauren Joseph’s intellectual interests lie in the study of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, social movements, urban sociology, and in the use of ethnographic methods for studying social life.  This has led her to pursue a number of different projects in the past, with particular focus on the strategies used by marginalized groups to produce cultural change and the experiences of dominant group members (e.g., men, heterosexuals) as seen through an intersectional lens.

As an assistant professor of sociology at Pennsylvania State University, Schuylkill campus, she teaches courses on race, gender, sexualities, criminal justice, and social inequalities.  She views both her research and teaching as a rewarding opportunity to work for social justice in the areas of racism, sexism, and heterosexism by educating students and society on how all of our lives are structured by dimensions of inequalities—both privilege and disadvantage—on an everday basis.

In her free time she enjoys exploring new cities and neighborhoods, reading, and biking, and has been on a quest for a decent breakfast taco in the northeast U.S. since leaving Austin, TX in the late 2000s.

(click here to see a more detailed description of her current research).

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